Comfort Zone
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The Nurse's Heart

Hello there (friendly, slightly awkward wave)! I suppose there is no better way to start my blog than explaining why I felt this needed to happen. A little bit about me first …

I have been in the healthcare world for 22 years this July. I started out as a surgical tech in 1998, put myself through nursing school (so many ramen noodles during this time), graduated with my BSN in 2000 at which time I was working full time in an operating room in Rochester, NY. I got the travel bug in 2001 and started taking travel contracts around the country for several years, on and off. I would come back to NY for a 3 year period of time to join a cardiac team doing adult open heart, pediatric open heart and cardiac transplant. I got the travel bug again after visiting a friend in San Diego. I…

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