Living with Brain Injury with Jeff Sebell

Living With Head (Brain) Injury

Jeffrey Sebell, author of ‘Learning to Live with Yourself After Brain Injury’ discusses living a fulfilled life after Brain Injury

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“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”

just “popped up” somewhere on one of my Youtube channels # , whilst trying to find a video (amongst the “chaos), so thought I’d share

# (“me tinks”

… or perhaps  ??

paper chaos 2

I/m definitely NOT spending my days cleaning and house-keeping (“You just do what you want to do, c… but then you make an even bigger mess, if I ask you to do anything!”


No wonder then I’m “safest” and happiest just writing and sharing!

‘I Should have been an Argentinian football star/legend -instead of a ‘writer’ (“aspiring/perspiring”??), as I say to…

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