Marriage Breakdown After Brain Injury


Source: Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Eighty percent of marriages separate at the ten-month mark after brain injury, my diagnosing psychiatrist informed me. My husband, sitting beside me, must’ve taken that in, checked the calendar, and decided he was good to go. We would’ve been married almost thirty years if he had stayed. We’d been married twelve years when he packed up his shirts and boots, took paintings off the wall, talked me out of the Inuit sculpture our mediation had agreed was mine to keep, and left with his father helping him, a jerk of a man, to put it nicely. His father manipulated people one against another. That was one good thing that left.

In 2009, Jeffrey Kreutzer and Jenny Marwitz, of Virginia Commonwealth Model Systems of Care, wrote on “In 2008, [Virginia Commonwealth University] investigators led a multicenter research team which investigated marital stability after brain injury. Information…

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