“I used to say that my head injury was minor…”

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI

I used to say that my head injury was minor: I can still walk, talk, think, dress, eat etc… Sure, not as good as I once could, but there was not that much wrong with me. Then I thought again: what could I once do very well that I have problems with now: walking, talking *, thinking, dressing, eating, balancing, concentrating, understanding situations, remembering things… Then there is the disinhibition, over-familiarity, dyspraxia, dysarthria, ataxia, fatigue, impulsiveness, vision problems and lack of insight. TO NAME A FEW! I had a massive head injury and though many of the differences are subtle, there have been MANY. I survived though and I continue to survive. Read my book Flight of a Lifetime (http://ow.ly/DKc3l) if you need help to survive.

– Philip Watling

* just try doing those at the same time (let alone try to chew gum!)


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