‘You Look Great!’ — Life With A Traumatic Brain Injury

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury


You Look Great!’ — Life With A Traumatic Brain Injury

(or what is often termed “the silent epidemic and/or “the hidden handicap”)

Invisible injuries are often dismissed by those who don’t truly understand.

“Living with any invisible injury is difficult, but when that injury affects the organ that controls your entire body, it is almost impossible for others to understand. Emotions, pain, energy, vision, and even the ability to think clearly have become a daily struggle. Hearing ‘you look fine’ has become the norm. Time can sometimes heal, but often it just allows those around you to forget.”

– Casey from Kentucky



“We share what we know, so that we all may grow.”



Informing, educating, encouraging, impacting, uplifting, igniting…and perhaps even inspiring.”


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