Traumatic Brain Injury Is …

Living With Head (Brain) Injury

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* “A LARGE PUZZLE where a number of those pieces are broken.”
* “A puzzle … all the pieces are there… but in the wrong order.”
(“but only you can find the pieces, then put them, the ‘mosaic’ together as best you can” – my words)
“It’s a bit like living in a fog…and sleep walking through life.” *
– the words of me and m
that’s a metaphor, by the way!
“Back in 1966 (or 1965) when you went to the emergency room, they took an x-ray and if you didn’t have a fractured skull, they sent you home.  Still in High School, I found I couldn’t read anymore. Oh, I could read the words alright….but by the time I got to the fourth or fifth word of the sentence….I had already forgotten what the first  word was.  Sound familiar anyone?  My life has been tough.  My wife…

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